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Accumulator Station other industrial equipment
Low Pressure Units other industrial equipment
DORMAN 6QTCA GENERATOR 325 KVA USED diesel generator
CATERPILLAR 3512 GENERATOR 850 KVA USED diesel generator
MTU 16V4000 GENERATOR 2000 KVA USED diesel generator
MTU 16V396 GENERATOR 1875 KVA USED diesel generator
CATERPILLAR C2.2 DE22E3 GENERATOR 22KVA NEW diesel generator
MWM TBG620V12 GENERATOR 738KVA USED diesel generator
ZESTAW do napełniania azotem młota hydraulicznego other automotive tool
Webtec DHT 401 Flowmeter hydraulic tester car diagnostic tools
CATERPILLAR 3054NA GENERATOR 42.5 KVA USED diesel generator
ASEA LAE 400S other industrial equipment
PERKINS 2006TWG2 USED diesel generator
PERKINS 2006TWG2 USED diesel generator
MTU SDMO XS1000S MTU 16V2000 GENERATOR 1000 KVA USED diesel generator
Bacciotini Rol 700 paper guillotine cutter
TAGLIAPIASTRELLE MANUALE other industrial equipment
Glunz Jensen Interplater 85 HDX Thermal Offline thermal plate d other printing machinery
Wohlenberg 115 MCS2 TV highspeed cutter 1992 paper guillotine cutter
PSA 52 mobile shed delivery with press flexo-folder gluer
Foellmer Josef Foellmer EXPO perforating machine
Schneider SF-80 flexo-folder gluer
Renz ECL 500 other printing machinery
Strapex PP strap strapping tool strapping machine
POLAR Mohr 115 ED paper guillotine cutter
Renz DTP340 electric calendar punching binding machine
Grieser & Kunzmann GUK KS 310 mobile heightadjustable small form flexo-folder gluer
CreoScitex Dolev 4Press V film imagesetter 2001 other printing machinery
NAGEL gathering S8 with jogger offset delivery other printing machinery
Fastbind Elite binding binding machine
BAUMANN BA 6 N large format destacker paper guillotine cutter
Sealed sauna other printing machinery
Sperr & Lechner Splek SLB 600 hydraulic plate press other printing machinery
STAHLGRUPPE Heidelberg Stahl 524KBFLSAK 563 combination folding 1987 flexo-folder gluer
Heidelberg Stahl TD 52244R pocket folding flexo-folder gluer
Techkon SpectroJet Scan Spectrometer car diagnostic tools
Hugo Beck SX 1750 shrink wrapper
Watkiss XJG shaker delivery flexo-folder gluer
Herzog & Heymann 3rd station M 740 8pocket folding unit 1999 flexo-folder gluer
Grapha Muller Martini ZTM 201 gathering other printing machinery
Bickel HK 361 Grooving and perforating 1977 perforating machine
Leather sharpening M10 SM (similar to Fortuna) textile machinery
ScanSpectrometer RS ​​800 with Techkon ExPresso Pro software other printing machinery
Aro pneumatic paint pumps other printing machinery
MAN Roland Practica 00 single color offset printing 1999 offset printing machine
Pinacho Rhino 375 metal lathe
Constantin Hang 3-fach-Bohrungen fuer Filofax perforating machine
Sumbel Enano 150 binding machine
Heidelberg Suprasetter 105 S thermal CtP system other printing machinery
Ernst Nagel Citonak VS 66 binding machine
TOMANIN / KAHRMANN SFT/3/G2 other woodworking machinery
MUELLER Presto binding machine
UTIS D 52 thickness planer
POLYBOIS RAV 32 other woodworking machinery
Roller conveyor with adjustable height belt conveyor
Roller conveyor belt conveyor
Techkon SpectroPlate printing plate measuring device car diagnostic tools
CATTINAIR EP2MI - ROTOCLEAN G8 - TSP35 - TSP45 - HOKCI other woodworking machinery
Roller conveyor belt conveyor
Roller conveyor belt conveyor
Use angle for paper highspeed cutter made of stable highmolecul paper guillotine cutter
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 742P Minus version offset printing machine
Cyklop Ampag Sprint SM 1 strapping strapping machine
Heidelberg Stahl Stitchmaster ST 450 saddle stitcher binding machine
Petratto Cordoba 3D double bar creasing and folding flexo-folder gluer
Normpack strapping strapping machine
Stielow FBM M 340 S envelope feeder flexo-folder gluer
Heidelberg Eurobind EB1300 PUR 4clamp perfect binder binding machine
Rachner PT 1000 PA RS pile turner other printing machinery
Horizon ED40 small format standing sheet delivery flexo-folder gluer
PFE Automailer 2 inserting system other printing machinery
Foellmer Duplicator OK 90 with Suptramat 2006 other printing machinery
Guentner GVH glycol dry cooler 2009 other industrial equipment
Strapex PP tape for strapping s strapping machine
Heidelberg Prinect Prepress Interface other printing machinery
Mobile folding unit Heidelberg Stahlfolder BUH 664 flexo-folder gluer
Kallfass KC 5040/400 other packaging machinery
Heidelberg Duosetter Quasar film imagesetter other printing machinery
Heidelberg Stahl FFP 52 altar fold pneumatic window fold pocket flexo-folder gluer
Heidelberg OHZ SBD cylinder die cutting machine
MicroJet sliding feeder MJ 45 A with MicroJet conveyor belt belt conveyor
FinestFog FF 4Z water treatment reverse osmosis other printing machinery
Hahn & Kolb winding dial indicator other printing machinery
Siac 903 electric eyelet s other printing machinery
Pile turner BuschGraph Busch SE 90 other printing machinery
MBP SBAP 46ME vertical press delivery 2004 flexo-folder gluer
Schneider Multigraf 375 XL flexo-folder gluer
Creo Scitex Dolev 800 V film imagesetter other printing machinery
POLAR POLAR 66 paper guillotine cutter
Horizon AFC 544 AKT combi folding flexo-folder gluer
Baier Geba 495 hot stamping press heat press
Herzog & Heymann Model 177 attachable small format standing shee flexo-folder gluer
MOSCA RO-M-P strapping machine
Agfa PST plate stacker heat press
Agfa Elantrix 95 SX printing plate development offset printing machine
GIARDINA BABY other woodworking machinery
Roland Practica PRZ 00 twocolor offset printing machine
Kodak Magnus 400 Thermal CtP System digital printing machine
Heidelberg Stahl FS150 automatic thread sealer 2008 flexo-folder gluer
KLEEN GIANT 34SL-42 other automotive tool
Constantin Hang 136-DK binding machine
CUMMINS N14 - G Stamford 300 kVA Supersilent Rental generatorsets diesel generator
Theimer Copymat O 64 copy frame photocopier
GANNOMAT 100 wood boring machine
Morgana / Ernst Nagel 8000 flexo-folder gluer
POLAR Lufttischsegment paper guillotine cutter
Roller conveyor belt conveyor
RYOBI 3300 MR twocolor offset printing offset printing machine
Herzog & Heymann mobile heightadjustable map or pharmaceutical flexo-folder gluer
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 other printing machinery
Constantin Hang 150 double riveting other printing machinery
Duplo Docucutter DC 615 Pro paper guillotine cutter
VDF HEIDENREICH + HARBECK LZ 540 - 2000 metal lathe
Kodak Trendsetter VLF 5183 Fully automatic thermal CtP system 2 other printing machinery
MBO pocket folding T 535 EA6F with A56 2008 flexo-folder gluer
Techkon SpectroDens spectral densitometer car diagnostic tools
Heidelberg OHTP hot foil stamping pot with ART foil control 198 die cutting machine
PERNUMA elektrische Rill-und Perforiermaschine binding machine
METTLER TOLEDO KD-1500 platform scales
Horizon PST40 stream press delivery flexo-folder gluer
GUK folding combination for mailing work flexo-folder gluer
Techkon RT 120 reflected transmitted light densitometer car diagnostic tools
ITALPRESSE IB / 265 edgebander
NORDSON HM X other woodworking machinery
CONSTANT PHILIPS 8+01 wood milling machine
AGLA BRI - 140 wood grinding machine
Watkiss XJG offset printing machine
Cutting machine IDEAL 5560 with air table and side tables 5560 paper guillotine cutter
Schneider EUROFOLD 235-121 flexo-folder gluer
Heidelberg Stahl ST 1001 binding machine
Thieme screen printing AlfraPlan 100x140 screen printing machine
Agfa Phoenix 2250 digital printing machine
Roland numbering unit for PR 00 other printing machinery
Hima BA 350-30 strapping machine
Heidelberg Stahl Twinstacker TSH 50 flexo-folder gluer
Constantin Hang LOK103 autom Eyelet other printing machinery
GUK Bäuerle FL 502 flat pile suction air feeder flexo-folder gluer
Sinfín plastic recycling machinery
Wohlenberg chip extraction other industrial equipment
Technifold Tri Creaser Multi Tool MT-2 flexo-folder gluer
Busch SWH 125 RLA pile turner other printing machinery
POLAR Mohr 66 paper guillotine cutter
MUELLER Martini stitching heads 2006 other printing machinery
Heidelberg Nexscan F 4200 flatbed scanner other printing machinery
Torre Minipack FM 76 A Digit semiautomatic hood shrinker 2009 shrink wrapper
Schneider Enginneering destacker (Transomat) model 1058 2001 paper guillotine cutter
Technografica EBO V 3 vertical stoving oven 2006 other printing machinery
Creo Scitex Lotem 800 V Thermal CtP System 2003 other printing machinery
Technifold Tri Creaser Multi Tool MT2 folding multitool flexo-folder gluer
N/D 4 post car lift
Glunz & Jensen C 85 washout gumming station other printing machinery
TECHKON SpectroJet car diagnostic tools
HSAZST with bale compression other printing machinery
Hang PicoStar 101-60 other printing machinery
Shrink tunnel Hugo Beck SLB 502025 shrink wrapper
Perfecta 92 TVC highspeed cutter paper guillotine cutter
LinotypeHell Heidelberg Topaz Robot II flatbed scanner other printing machinery
EBA 721 LT pile cutter paper guillotine cutter
POLAR Mohr 115 EMC paper guillotine cutter
POLAR 92 XT highspeed cutting line with RA2 vibrator optional LW 450 l paper guillotine cutter
Robopac Spiror Modell 08 strapping machine
POLAR Mohr air table segments paper guillotine cutter
Karl Tränklein KAM11 OB 60 edge banding other printing machinery
Semiautomatic angle welder Meurer CMW 3 welding machine
Horizon AFC566 FKT fully automatic combination folding 2010 flexo-folder gluer
PM Heidelberg Printmaster PM 524 fourcolor offset printing 2005 offset printing machine
MBO T500443XF with SA 530 buckle folding flexo-folder gluer
Gorman Rupp regenerate pump other industrial equipment
Griesser & Kunzmann pocket folding machine for small folds GUK F flexo-folder gluer